How to install PostgreSQL Database Server on Fedora

Posted On February 10, 2010

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Install Django

Download the python: or add/remove software

Download the Django:
tar xzvf Django-1.1.tar.gz
cd Django-1.1.1
sudo python install

Install postgresql and postgresql-server packages:

$ yum install postgresql postgresql-server python-psycopg2

Configure PostgresSQL:

edit: /var/lib/pgsql/data/postgresql.conf

Uncomment this two line:

listen_addressses = ‘ ‘

port = 5432



Start  PostgreSQL Server:

service postgresql start  OR /etc/init.d/postgresql start

Configuring Postgresql

Setting up Postgres Users

Changing the postgres users database password:

su postgres

psql template1

template1=# ALTER USER postgres WITH PASSWORD ‘password’;


Where “password” is the new password.

Changing the postgres user OS password:

sudo passwd -d postgres

sudo su postgres -c passwd

Setting up Postgres Users


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