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How to install latex on fedora :

$ sudo yum install texlive-latex


Way 1:

#latex hello                                      % hello is the filename,its gives the dvi file

#dvips hello.dvi -o           % converting to postscript

#dvipdf hello.dvi hello.pdf            % converting to PDF

way 2:

#pdflatex hello.tex                           %convert the tex file directly to pdf.

Simple document using latex:(save hello.tex)

hello world!

How to write letter using latex:


The Principal,\\
Little Flowers School,\\

\opening{Dear Madam}

Subject:Application for leave of absence from 16-20th January.

My daughter,Priya,a student of Little Flowers School will
unable to attend school from 12-16th of this month due to some familial
problems.I hope you would grant her leave of absence for those days only.

R. S. Shanmugam}


All latex command begin with a reverse  slash.


The document class belongs to letter.  It have some option like article,report,book etc.,12pt is the text size.

2.\address{ from address}

The from address will display in the right hand side default, with current date.

3. \\

To start new line

4.\date{9 July 2007}

If  you want put your own date give this command, or   you want current date \data{\today} it will display American style month date year..

5.\opening {   }

It represent the recipient


6 Responses to “Latex”

  1. lawgon

    Try pdflatex to convert tex to pdf directly

  2. innovative gals

    Added the pdflatex command.

  3. lawgon

    Good Riddance !

    Can’t you come up with your own example of a tex document and not some example copied from some other website?

  4. innovative gals

    okey, now i give my own example here.

  5. innovative gals

    okey i will do.


    This chunk of information is greatly useful.
    Kindly contentify it, more…

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